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Zari takes a dig at Don Zella after she breaks down over depression

Don Zella and Zari Hassan
Don Zella and Zari Hassan

Two Ugandan socialites Don Zella and Zari are at it again.

Don Zella
Don Zella

This follows the video circulating on social media in which Don Zella is seen crying.

Because of depression, she broke into tears during a Facebook live session when talking about her relationship with her Mzungu fiance who has since found a new woman.

To make everything worse, this woman recently gave birth to a baby boy and Zella is so depressed.

And when the video of this moment went viral yesterday, he nemesis, Zari Hassan commented on the video.

“I remember when you tormented me when my husband died, said the ugliest when mom passed, said the nastiest when he had a baby with someone else. You wanted to break me, to be depressed, but look now, it is all on you,” she shared on social media a message that takes a swipe at Zella.

She however goes on to sympathise with her at the end of her comment.

“But there is a difference between me and you. I am a child of God, we are taught to pray for those in suffering. I send nothing but prayers to you and your family. Seek help and get well soon.”

Zari and Zella haven’t been on good talking terms for quite a long period of time.

Their beef peaked in 2017 when both hosted the parties on the same day. As Zari was hosting her ‘All White Party’ at Guvnor, Don Zella was hosting her party at Space Lounge where the main guest was Zari’s co-wife Hamisa Mobeto.

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