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Winner of 25th Tukonectinge Car Made 1,129 Connections


Launched early April 2019, the 4 billion shillings worth Tukonectinge promo by Crown Beverages limited, the bottlers of Pepsi, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Sting, Nirvana Water, and Evervess has for the past 3 months seen their customers rewarded grand prizes.

The word Tukonectinge, a luganda slang to mean creating connections through customers drinking and participating in the promo in pairs was intended to foster relationships throughout the campaign and during the festivities of Easter and Eid-Al-Fitr among others.

As the promo mechanics highlighted, the 25th Car was to be awarded to the consumer with the highest number of connections, which entailed an individual participating with more than one drinking partner.

Gaudensia Naluwooza, a teacher at Standard High School in Zana, beat other customers to winning the 25th Car after making a total of 1,129 connections for the period of the promo.

“I was able to make the connections by involving my family, friends and associates which aided me achieve the highest connection score. Luckily enough in participating, I could win airtime together with my friends, and this compelled me to participate more and more.” noted Naluuwoza.

She said, “Every week I waited patiently to be called during the weekly TV draws as a winner which didn’t happen then; Not being called up however, did not shake my resolve to send through my codes consistently & frequently as the weeks went by, she added, saying that, “Am grateful to Pepsi for this wonderful opportunity that, finally, I now own a car of my own,” exclaimed a jubilant Naluuwoza.

Andrew Ssenyonjo the Kireka, Territory Sales Manager at CBL remarked that for the past CBL has held successful consumer rewarding promos including Chamuka Keys, Mrindarific, MotoZela, Salpulessa, Twangula and the latest being Tukonectinge that has made it to the list of the effectively executed campaigns.

Ssenyonjo said that, “We appreciated our consumers for continuously supporting us through purchasing our various products on the market, and we shall always look to offer better services as we have always committed to doing.”

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