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We’ve been abandoned – family of Uganda’s youngest coronavirus patient cries out

Kavuma Ivan, his wife and their 8 months old sick baby
Kavuma Ivan, his wife and their 8 months old sick baby

The parents to Uganda’s youngest coronavirus patient has cried out for help after being left stranded at Mulago Hospital.

According to Kavuma Ivan, who is the father to the baby, whereas initial reports had claimed he is in hiding, he is holed up at Mulago Hospital.

“I am the father to the 8 month baby and the baby being talked about is this one besides me. My baby hasn’t received any treatment and nor have we been tested,” he says in a video that he has shared on social media.

“Much as they claimed I was on the run, they are the same people who brought me here (Mulago). I have never been tested or received and treatment. All doctors have just been passing me. My wife is not tested too. They say our baby is positive but no results have been given to us,” says Kavuma.

On her part, the mother says she arrived at the hospital from Iganga yesterday.

“The doctors asked us if we had carried any medication. Our response was we hadn’t carried any as we thought we were to get specialised treatment. They told us to stay here, promising to attend to us soon. We haven’t seen them since yesterday yet my baby’s temperature is too high.”

Unfortunately, the family are not even allowed to exit the hospital to seek help elsewhere.

“We haven’t eaten anything since we came here. My husband has tried to go and get us something to eat but he has been told by doctors that he can’t go out. We appeal to whoever is responsible to come to our rescue. Government where are you?”

This is not the first family that has decried how they have been treated throughout the whole process.

An interracial couple of a one Gerald, a white husband to a Dubai based Ugandan, one Jenny was the first to cry foul over the pain that one has to go through to be tested.

According to Gerald, he resides in Dubai and came to Uganda recently to pick his wife, Jenny Natalie.

Because he came within the last two weeks, he had heed to the Minister of Health’s directive and turned himself in.

Gerald and his wife Jenny Natalie
Gerald and his wife Jenny Natalie

“We found it to be a good idea so I took with me my wife to get tested to prove we are clean. We went there for two days. The first day they told us that they had no weapons. They told us to return the following day when they have a full testing set. We returned there but nothing happened. They advised us to go to Mulago and that is how we ended up here. In fact we came here yesterday. They only took our temperature and told us to return today when they have a complete set. So we are now here since 9am. It is now 5pm and the only thing we have is a form that we have filled in.

“We requested to be tested because it is the reason why government told us to come forward. However, they have instead told us to go to Douglas Villas where they will examine us for 14 days, paying $800 every day. Is this really fair to treat people like this?”

Following the ministry’s appeal to all individuals who travelled from Dubai in the past two weeks, a total of 574 individuals have been listed countrywide. As of Wednesday, Uganda had 14 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

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