Home news We killed 4 not 6: Suspects in poisoning of lions tell court

We killed 4 not 6: Suspects in poisoning of lions tell court


Two men accused of killing six lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park have been charged Wednesday at Buganda Road Magistrate Court.

The two men, Vincent Tumuhirwe 48 and Robert Ariho 40 were charged with hunting in a protected conservation area, killing wildlife and being in possession of restricted species.

They denied killing six lions, saying they only poisoned four. They argued that the poison was meant for warthogs.

Court remanded them to Kitalya prison.

Prosecution alleges that on 20 March, the two killed 6 lions at the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kanungu district. According to police, the duo was found in possession of three lion heads, 15 legs and jerry can containing suspected animal fats. On interrogation, the two admitted the killing of lions for body parts and fats, which are used for ritualistic cleansing.

How it happened

It was established that during their poaching, they drove a herd of antelopes towards the pride of lions.

After a successful catch by the lions, they chased them away and laced the Antelope with poison, which the lions eventually ate and died. An additional 9 wild birds which ate the carcases too, also died.

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