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Uganda Airlines clarifies on ‘grounding’ of its planes


Uganda Airlines has spoken out on claims on social media that its aircraft had been grounded over mechanical issues.

Through a statement issued Friday, the airline has dismissed reports claiming any of its planes is grounded.

Clarifying on what happened, the statement reads that what happened was the mandatory routine maintenance.

“The Two CRJ900 were under routine maintenance in accordance with the systems and regulations of the Uganda Civil Aviation Aviation. Routine maintenance is mandatory and will be upheld vas required to ensure maximum safety of our passengers and seamless operations of all our Aircraft,” reads the statement in part.

“Uganda Airlines would like to assure all its customers, stakeholders and the general public that the Airline operations are happening as per earlier communicated schedule.”

The airline received the two Bombardier planes in April but it is not until last month that the two planes started flying officially on 28th, August.

The airline’s current destinations include Nairobi, Juba, Mogadishu, Dar es Salaam, Bujumbura, Mombasa and Kilimanjaro.

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