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Uber tips riders about its top safety features


Getting a ride wherever and whenever someone needs it has never been easier than right now thanks to technology apps like Uber. Uber has designed various safety features to enhance safety while on the roads, so whether riders have requested UberX or UberBODA, the following safety features are available to them with each trip request.

Know your driver and vehicle
The Uber app provides riders with all the details of the driver and vehicle as soon as the driver accepts the request. Once a driver accepts a request, the rider will see the vehicles license plate number, vehicle type and colour, and the driver’s name and photo, ensuring riders are able to recognise their Uber rides even before they’re picked up.

Uber rides can only be requested through the Uber app, so riders should never accept street hail solicitations from anyone claiming to be with Uber – riders always need to look in their app to help check their ride.

Behind the scenes for driver onboarding
All drivers undergo a thorough screening process before they can use the Uber app, these include a certificate of good conduct from Interpols, additional requirements include a valid driver’s license and a visible drivers profile photo.

UberBODA drivers will need a license and activated upon showing that they have 1 reflective vest and 2 helmets.

Because sharing is caring
As the trip starts, riders can easily add their friends and family as their trusted contacts and share their whereabouts and trip status with up to five people. Riders can also customise their sharing preferences, for example, riders could just share night-time trips instead of all trips. Also, all its rides are tracked by GPS from start to finish so there’s a record of every trip.

Get in touch with Uber
For safety-related matters post-trip such as discussing an insurance matter, Uber’s Incident Response Team call-back line will ensure riders have access to its Global Incident Response Team should riders have an issue post-trip. Riders simply need to submit their safety concerns via in-app Help, and they will receive a call back in minutes!

Of course, safety never stops and Uber is working every day to reduce incidents through improving and introducing safety features. Riders will also be happy to know that from the minute their trips start till the trip ends, users are covered by insurance in the event of an accident or incident giving you extra peace of mind.

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