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Top Ugandan tour agency protests denial of US visa to its boss to attend an IATA symposium


Ugandan travel agency, Wide Travel Deals has decried the US Embassy in Kampala over what it calls bias.

This is after the company’s director was denied a Visa to the US to attend the IATA World Financial Symposium slated for September 23rd – 26th.

“Our director prepared her documents and went for an interview in the morning but when walked to the dock to meet a visa Counsellor, all they asked her was her name then she was given a denial letter,” says Edwin Pelf, an Administrator with the company.

The company believes the denial was in bad faith since none of her documents was checked to assess her eligibility.

“We are still wondering who is a responsible person if our director is not one of them; a director/Owner of a company holding a good position in Travel industry in Uganda. Owning a Company with a turnover of approximately 1.23m usd annually. Legally Married with a child. Owning properties.

“This was so unfair and unprofessional from a visa Counsellor. Our director is not looking for a job in the US but is rather even going to spend her dollars in there.”

Pelf says that the this event was only a confirmation that denial Letters For applicants are printed in advance before they even appear for interviews because this is what even Ugandans who entered the office after her were subjected too.

“Embassy denying visas to applicants could be away of making business indirectly because they always advise you on their denial letter to appeal and pay another VISA fees which is $160 per every application you submit. USA Embassy Kampala Visa Counsellors might not be following the right procedures to determine who is eligible and not.”

A US Visa allows a foreign citizen to travel to the US. The only time a non citizen can travel to the US through the visa Waiver Program (VWP).

VWP enables citizens of participating countries to travel to the U.S. for tourism or business for 90 days or less without obtaining a U.S. visa.

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