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Top managers at Uganda Civil Aviation Authority forced out


Two of the top managers at Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) have been relieved of their jobs by the minister of works and transport.

Among these include, UCAA Executive Director, David Kakuba who has been told to prepare for his departure.

He has been ordered to provide a special report on the progress of the larger number of UCAA projects showing their level of implementation and funding by 22nd June.

The report must have guidance on handling and conclusion of audit issues of ICAO including certification of Entebbe International Airport on one hand and as well Financial audits by the Auditor General.

Kakuba’s contract expires on 30th June and he had written to the Ministry of Works on 2nd June seeking renewal when he was hit by the bad news.

Related to this, the General Manager of Uganda Air Cargo Corporation (UAAC), Eng Frank Kyankya has also been fired.

Kyankya was fired Sunday and replaced with Lt Gen Nakibus Lakara.

The sacking follows a recent request by UCAA asking for Shs150 billion from the government in the coming financial year because its revenues have shrunk, yet operational costs will tick up due to the Covid19 pandemic.

“UCAA, which is mandated to regulate air transport in Uganda, manage and operate Entebbe International Airport andother aerodromes, derives revenue for day-to-day running of activities, including infrastructure upgrade from air traffic in and out of the country,

“Suspension of passenger operations in March 2020 negatively impacted on this revenue, which isused to sustain operations at Entebbe International Airport. While the Authority previously collected an average of 20 billion shillings per month, in April 2020, only about 1 billion shillings was earned, the situation is worse at the moment and is not likely to improve in the next few months,” reads the statement in part.

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