Home news Tanzania to set to receive 1000 Israeli tourists

Tanzania to set to receive 1000 Israeli tourists

Israel nationals arrive in Uganda
Israel nationals arrive in Uganda

Tanzania is set to receive a delegation of 1,000 tourists from Israel this month.

The tourists are expected to visit the Serengeti Tarangire, National Parks and Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA), all located in northern part of the country.

Speaking to media, Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) Chairman, retired High Court Judge Thomas Mihayo said the tourists will also visit Zanzibar.

He noted that the number of Israel tourists coming to Tanzania is increasing mainly after they discovered that Tanzania is a peaceful nation with political stability.

“Tanzania provides an excellent travel experience for tourists from different countries across the world. We are thankful to the Tanzanian embassy in Israel for marketing our destinations in Israel that has resulted into many Israelis visiting Tanzania,” said Judge Mihayo.

The TTB Chairman highlighted that through their visit, Tanzania will be well-known for what it has to offer in the tourism sector as well as attract more tourists from Israel and other parts of the world.

He challenged business community to grab opportunities from the visits calling upon tax drivers, hotel owners and the national parks to be ready to receive the delegation.

Early this year Uganda also received a delegation of 230 tourists from Israel. During their three day stay in the country, they visited among other things the Murchison Falls National Park, the Jewish community in Mbale and various sights in Jinja including the source of the Nile.

In Tanzania, the tourism sector is one of the biggest employers and the number one foreign exchange contributor to the economy accounting for about 17.5 percent of the GDP and nearly 25 percent of the total exports engine.

“With a new wave of tourism development and promotion, Tanzania expects to assume a higher rank in the list of African tourist destinations,” he noted.

The government has recently upgraded 15 National Parks and 31 game reserves as part of efforts to improve the tourism sector.

Israel has a population of about 8 million people and a GDP of $400 billion and per capita income of about$40,000.

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