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Stella Nyanzi forget about our votes – fans react after she asks gays to fund her campaign

Stella Nyanzi with a group of gays
Stella Nyanzi with a group of gays

Dr Stella Nyanzi has found herself on collision with her followers. It all began when the controversial former Makerere University researcher requested for funds from some of the world’s to gays to fund her campaign, saying she has always been there for them and it was now their time to be there for her.

Stella Nyanzi with a group of gays
Stella Nyanzi with a group of gays

In her request to Ellen DeGeneres and Elton John, Stella Nyanzi describes herself as a strong ally of the LGBTIQA+ communities in Uganda specifically.

“Indeed, I participated in several local pride marches, variously supported individuals and organisations, and attended diverse processes that challenged the Anti-Homosxuality Bill and Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda. However, I have never received any funding support for either my activism or my political campaign from any white gay man or white lesbian person.

“This letter is therefore to formally and publicly invite both of you to fund my campaign for political office. My total budget is UGX 1,300,000,000 Uganda Shillings, which is equivalent to USD 340,000$ United States Dollars. If the funds requested for are too much to afford, can you please fundraise for me among other LGBTIQA+ people of means? I look forward to your swift and kind consideration in this matter,” she writes.

But whereas the request was for funds to canvass for votes, it has instead cost her even the votes that she already had if the reaction from her fans is anything to go by.

William Ochola: Promoting LGBT+Q, is it what this has all along been about? What next, Al-Shabaab and Boko- Haram sponsoring someone who will look after their vested interests?

Zamil Kasozi: What? Last nail in the coffin. I was on the fence until now. Money is not everything. This is Africa. We refuse to normalise insanity. Shamim malende for woman mp.

Lamar: With this I swear you are loosing it ,if possible take this post down or edit it . you know very well Ugandans can’t support homosexuality.

Dead Ssebunya: Stella Nyanzi onzise. I can bare anything but when it comes to ruining our values, I can’t support you. Period.

Patience Kirabo: Uhmhmhm as if Americans are going to vote for you,even if they give you the money, if Ugandans say won’t vote you the money your going to spend buying voters will be wasted except you keep it and invest it in other business. But for sure I don’t see you wining.

Stella Nyanzi is contesting for the Kampala Woman MP seat against People Power‘s Shamim Malende.

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