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Shortage of pilots: Kenya Airways losing $50million every year over cancellation of flights


Kenya Airways has revealed it has been forced to cancel flights over shortage of pilots.

The revelation is contained in a letter by Kenya Airways’ Director of Operations Paul Njoroge to the Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA), decrying KALPA’s actions that are hurting the airline.

In the letter, he blames complaints about pay, training and pilot’s nationality as some of the reasons behind the airline’s failure in recruiting new pilots.

KQ says it wants to hire 20 new pilots on two-year contracts but can’t because KALAP will bring up since it opposes hiring foreigners.

Njoroge admits Kenyan pilots are looking for work but says they do not have the qualifications to fly Kenyan Airways jets.

Right now Kenya Airways has 435 pilots on its books but needs to hire another 62.

According to Simpleflying.com, of all the 435 pilots at Kenya Airways, 44 are currently undergoing training.

This now means that 10% of the airline’s pilots will be missing for between six months to two years as they undergo additional training.

Kenya Airways flies over four million passengers around the world from its hub at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) in Nairobi to 55 destinations around the world of which 43 are in Africa but loses $50 million every year because it does not have enough pilots to fly its planes.

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