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Phaneroo’s fake ‘miracles’ exposed


In recent years, miracles have become inseparable from churches – Born Again churches.

Lugemwa acting for the church as instructed
Lugemwa acting for the church at Phaneroo as instructed

Miracles have turned out to be the biggest attraction for faithfuls to these churches.

However, many have been accused of faking these ‘Miracles’ in the name of winning the hearts of faithfuls.

The latest to join this list is Phaneroo. The mobile church which is famous for attracting hundreds of congregants has been exposed for faking Miracles.

A one Jacob Luwemba says that the Church used one of his friends recently to fake a miracle in return for money.

“Phaneroo is a misleading religious sect. I am not paid to say anything whether bad or good about them but I will say the truth about them. They script miracles, and find the right characters for each scene. This time round you used someone I know very well and how everything was acted. Stop using God in the name of fake prophecy,” notes Luwemba.

He says that while going through posts on Facebook recently, he landed on photos of his friend, a one Lugemwa who was holding clutches after allegedly having been healed at Phaneroo.

When he reached out to his friend, Lugemwa narrated it him how it had all started.

According to Lugemwa, a student at Makerere University, he was approached by a group of youths who told him that they had got a deal for him.

The deal was him to join the group at the phaneroo anniversary in kololo.

Lugemwa was hesitant at first but he was offered Shs350,000 and being broke at the time, he obliged.

“He was briefed that they were to pay him the amount and free transport in return for sitting in the section of the sick as soon as they reached church.”

He only had to listen to whatever the “apostle” would say and act accordingly.

He acted as a lame person who had experienced a miraculous healing. And to prove it to the congregation, he held the clutches in the air and started walking.

Phaneroo is, which operates from UMA grounds, Lugogo is not the only church accused of faking miracles.

Lugemwa throws away the clutches as commanded
Lugemwa throws away the clutches at Phaneroo as commanded

Previously, Pastor Robert Kayanja’s church also came under spotlight after one of its members, Singer Qute Kaye, who had just received miracles from Kayanja survived being lynched after he was found stealing car lights.

Weeks earlier Kayanja had performed ‘miracles’ for him and even “handed” him car keys of a brand new Prado before thousands of congregants but it would turn out it had all just been acted as no car was given to him.

Comedian Kapere also accused the same pastor of coming short on his pledges after the former acted for the church as instructed.

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