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Mayinja apologises to People Power, reveals secrets from Museveni meeting


Singer Ronald Mayinja has Thursday returned the People Power movement offices and asked supporters for forgiveness for what many saw as betrayal of the struggle.

Beginning with a confession of having met President Towering Museveni, Mayinja said his meeting was not after betraying the struggle.

“Yes, it is true I met President Museveni. Though, I never met him to get money because there’s no money even that side. I only met him because had questions whose answers could only be given by Museveni himself but from that meeting, I confirmed Museveni has nothing more to offer his country.”

He says among the questions he posed to him included what his plans for youths are because the problem of youth unemployment at the moment is all over the country.

“To my surprise, that’s not what he is thinking about. All of his focus is on winning the next elections. To every question I asked,  the only answer he always gave was, ‘don’t worry about that…. We still have support. We’ll win the election.’ He completely has no plans of changing his policies. His plans are to continue with the same policies which have left the youth unemployed,” Mayinja said.

Surprisingly, the youths are Museveni’s biggest fear.

“From our meeting, Museveni couldn’t hide his fear for youths. His biggest worry or what he sees as a threat to his power is protests by youths. He would everything he can to block such protests.”

Meanwhile Mayinja says the main reason why he has returned to be part of the revolution.

“We are in a struggle and light is visible at the end of the tunnel. I have returned home not because I am going to contest in the next elections. No. I am not contesting in next elections. I only returned home so that my name counts among those who liberated our country. I call upon my fellow artistes who are still on the NRM side to join the struggle because there’s no future on that side.”

Mayinja met Museveni in December but had never openly admitted any such meeting took place. When People Power supporters got wind of any such meeting, they felt betrayed and since then he has always been regarded as a traitor.

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