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Jinja’s Queen of nightlife succumbs to Covid-19 lockdown


If you have ever spent a night or two in Jinja and you don’t know Queenz Palace, then you obviously don’t know anything about Jinja’s night life.

Queenz Palace
Queenz Palace

Queenz, like its name, has ruled Jinja’s night life for the last seven years. It has been a place where patrons meet for a hookup, party or to catch a drink. The bad news, however, is this won’t happen again.

This is after the bar closed shop permanently this weekend. According to the information we have gathered from Jinja, the club’s staff has spent the whole if last week moving out stuff out of the club while some of the stuff has been sold off already.

Like any other business, Queenz Palace was hit had by the imposed lockdown on entertainment places which has been in existence for a year now. The lockdown left the club’s management in a weaker financial position to pay its rent obligations for the months it wasn’t operating.

This, coupled with a strained relationship with its landlord didn’t help matters.

We have learnt the premises, Plot 43 Iganga Road, which houses the club is owned by the Lubi Family, a wealthy family in Jinja.

While setting base in Jinja in 2013, the club’s management entered into a six year tenancy agreement with a Lubi family member, one Derrick Lubi.

However during the course of the six years, the Lubi family made several attempts to increase rent, a suggestion the club’s management always rejected because it wasn’t part of their initial agreement.

This put the two parties on collision. The lockdown further worsened everything as the club was forced to close just like all other recreational and entertainment spots across the country.

During that period, their agreement finally expired. According to one Isaac, a manager at the club, on expiry of their agreement they were sent a lawyer to renew their agreement with new terms.

Since they were still not operating because of the imposed lockdown, they saw this as unrealistic – paying rent for months they were not working – henceforth reaching out to the Lubi family to talk about the matter. This meeting never materialized. They have since been given 5 days to vacate.

Queenz Palace joins Laftaz Comedy Lounge at Dam Waters and Club Sombreros, the other clubs to have closed operations in Jinja.

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