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Frank Gashumba on beating Sheilah: I won’t allow another man in my home


Social activist, Frank Gashumba has spoken out on charges reportedly brought against him Monday for beating his daughter Sheilah Gashumba.

Sheilah Gashumba slaying
Sheilah Gashumba slaying

Gashumba beat up Sheilah after she retuned home drunk Saturday morning. The NTV the Beat presenter who had not slept home the previous night was in company of drunk friends who took it upon themselves to tutor Gashumba on how to handle Sheilah.

Already high thanks to the consumption of all kinds of intoxicants, her friends insulted Gashumba, accusing him of mistreating his daughter – something that got to his nerves.

He tasked her to explain where she had spent the previous night and after she failed to give a convincing answer, he slapped and locked her up in her room.

Sheilah is said to have called her mother who rushed to Kabalagala Police Post to report the matter.

Police subsequently rescued Sheila and a case was opened up against Gashumba.

Sheilah with her dad Frank Gashumba
Sheilah with her dad Frank Gashumba

But the father of two says no one is going to lecture him on how to bring up his daughter.

He says her mother who is trying to spoil his family now left her when she was still a kid and had since never cared about her.

“But after raising her as a single parent right from P1 and giving her the best foundation that has helped her become a success any child of her age, some people want to mess up all of this. I won’t allow anyone to decide for me on how I run my home.”

He adds that the self-styled Lil Stunner who has of late been linked to singer Fik Fameica is currently disrespectful; comes home late at night and she had turned into another man of sorts in his home.

Sheilah Gashumba (red dress) at work at NTV
Sheilah Gashumba (red dress) at work at NTV

Yet if all parents raised their kids to become responsible citizens, the entire world benefits from their works.

“If she became a president, the entire village would celebrate our success.”

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