Home news Frank Gashumba advises Nantaba’s ‘sharp shooters’ on Museveni’s order

Frank Gashumba advises Nantaba’s ‘sharp shooters’ on Museveni’s order

Gashumba with his ailing dad
Gashumba with his ailing dad

The most trending topic for the last three days has been the killing of one Ronald Sebulime by the guards of ICT minister, Aidah Nantaba.

Councillor Ssegirinya grieving with Sebulime's kids
Councillor Ssegirinya grieving with Sebulime’s kids

Nantaba claims Sebulime was armed and had trailed her from Kayunga, waiting for the right opportunity to assassinate her.

However, eye witnesses have come out to say Sebulime was not armed.

In fact, he had even surrendered and was handcuffed before being shot at point blank range.

The this has infuriated a large section of the public because it has later turned out that Sebulime, a widower was heading to St Andrew SS in Kabimbiri to visit his children.

They have strongly come out to condemn what they have called extra-judicial killing, and called for an investigation into his death.

The latest to condemn the act is social commentator, Frank Gashumba, who hadn’t commented on the matter as he has been attending to his dad, who is down with abdominal cancer.

Commenting on the killing, Gashumba said, “They killed a very innocent Parent. By the time he was shot…he was heading to visit his children at St. Andrew kaggwa secondary school in Kayunga”.

“Yes, the president said “sort them out”, but he didnot say “arrest them, handcuff them, then shoot them!””

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