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Ex-finance minister in fight for property with step kids

Then finance minister, Maria Kiwanuka arrives for budget reading in 2013
Then finance minister, Maria Kiwanuka arrives for budget reading in 2013

Former minister of finance, Maria Kiwanuka has been dragged to court by her step son, Jordan Sebuliba Kiwanuka accusing her of monopolising his father’s Estate.

According to court documents, Sebuliba says his father, Mohan Kiwanuka has two wives with Beatrice Kavuma Kiwanuka, his mother being the first wife.

Maria is the second wife having gotten married to his dad in 1986. She has three children with his dad but they are eight children altogether, including the five born by his mother, Beatrice who is the first wife.

All has been well within the family until recently when Maria allegedly started monopolising their dad’s vast Estate comprising of 46 properties.

The Estate includes Oscar Industries, Radio 1 and Radio 2 (Akaboozi ku Biri), and real estate that includes residential and commercial properties in Kololo, Naguru, Nakasero, Nakawa and Kiwatule. His properties in Kololo and Nakasero are rented by 13 North American and European embassies.

Maria is accused of taking advantage of Kiwanuka’s current frail state of mental health to monopolise this Estate to herself and her children.

Sebuliba states that his dad suffers from Alzheimer-accelerated dementia, a condition which diminishes the functionality of the human brain causing the sufferer to significantly lose his memory and forget things so often.

The fight escalated recently when Maria went to URSB and got herself registered as the chief signatory and controller for many of the companies owned by Kiwanuka.

Subsequently, she became the sole director in the companies yet for the over 30 years she had been married to him, she had never been registered anywhere as Director or shareholder.

Using her new position, she removed Sebuliba from being the chief lawyer for 6 of his father’s most successful companies that he has been part of for the last 15 years.

This was further followed by a letter from their dad asking them to vacate some of his properties that they have been occupying by virtue of being his children and spouse.

Sebuliba believes his step mother is taking advantage of his ailing dad’s state of mental health to have him take decisions that favour only herself and children since dementia impaired Kiwanuka’s ability to judge situations correctly.

It is on those grounds that Sebuliba, his mother and siblings are requesting the civil court to reverse all of the the recent decisions and transactions that favour Maria and her children because their dad lacks the mental capacity to adequately understand the consequences of his actions and omissions.

Some information was sourced from Mulengeranews.com

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