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Euro-East Africa Kampala Film Festival to be hosted at Alliance Francaise


The Euro-East Africa Kampala Film Festival is a joint venture between different European Missions and the EU Delegation, curated by the British Council.

The festival provides a platform to showcase the Cultural Heritage of Europe and East Africa through film, to an East African audience.

Alliance Fran├žaise Kampala is proud to, once again be part of this festival. Part of this year’s selection include:

Madama Esther (Madagascar)

After getting fired, Esther, a housekeeper in her fifties, may no longer be able to bring her grandson to the sea. So to make extra money, she agrees to harbor clandestine cockfights in her yard.

The Quarry (Uganda)
Is this the end or the beginning of a time? A man tries to escape parallels of time and is confronted by the past and the future.

Stuck in the corridors of his mind his identity is challenged and he desires desperately to return to his former state.

Keza Lyn (Rwanda)
Keza Lyn lives with her cousin Dudu and works as a waitress in a bar, where she secretly records customer conversations with a dictaphone, and of individuals around her, most of whom are traversed by a sense of uprooting.

Who the hell is Mr Mankwa – Ep. 1 (Uganda)
Who The Hell Is Mr. Mankwa is a mockumentary web series chronicling the life and times of Mankwa, a Ugandan dancehall artist and thief from the early 90s, as told by the people who knew him.

In this first episode, we meet Peter Parrot, Mankwa’s producer, DJ and partner in crime as he begins his own musical journey with The Bunsen Burnas.

Food and drinks will be offered.

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