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Cocktail Week: Top Kampala bars & hangouts slash cocktail prices


Friday marks the third day that cocktail lovers are enjoying their favourite cocktails from top bars and hangouts in Kampala at special prices.

Revellers at the launch of the cocktail week
Revellers at the launch of the cocktail week

Launched on 27th November, the offer will run for 10 days, ending 7th December.

“Ugandans are a vibrant, trendy and fun people who want to enjoy their drinks in different tasteful ways and cocktails deliver that experience. Cocktails infuse an extra sense of style and originality into social experiences and as a brand that is synonymous with Ugandan culture of celebration, Uganda Waragi is the perfect partner in this endeavor,” said Agaba Tumusiime, Brand Manager, Uganda Waragi at the launch.

This year’s Kampala Cocktail Week was announced at a pre-party held at the Ninety9 Bar at Naguru Skyz Hotel where guests enjoyed a wide variety of cocktails while DJ Ssesse was on hand to entertain the crowd throughout the event.

The evening also featured the mix-offs, which saw two random attendees 5 minutes to create a cocktail of their own and give it a name, after which they were appraised by the judges and the winner presented a gift hamper from Uganda Waragi.

Later in the evening, two of the sponsors – Uganda Waragi and Radiocity – faced off in the final mix-off that saw the latter emerge victor.

A brainchild of the Pearl Guide, Kampala Cocktail Week 2019 has a total of 30 participating bars.

“Kampala Cocktail Week was conceived to introduce the art of cocktails to Ugandans. For the duration of the cocktail week, customers can enjoy various cocktails and indulge their taste buds. The first year saw 15 bars participate and that number has steadily grown. This year, we have 30 participating bars,” said Philip Kalibwani, Business Development Manager at The Pearl Guide.

Each year, participating bars are given the task of creating their special edition cocktail week menus.

All of the menus this year will feature three shooters, three long drinks and three craft cocktails.

These cocktails will be sold at discounted prices of between Shs5,000 to Shs15,000.

“The art of crafting cocktails involves creativity and knowledge of the different ingredients and which quantities will form a perfectly balanced drink. The Cocktail Week is aimed at bringing these high-end experiences closer to the people at affordable prices. Let’s all go out and try a few cocktails,” Agaba added.

Through Kampala Cocktail Week, Uganda Waragi, Uganda’s premium gin has championed the cocktail agenda with crafty serves and ensuring that every year, bars are encouraged to go that extra mile to deliver perfect serves and a customer experience that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

This year’s event is featuring a number of activities which include the Uganda Waragi Gin and Juice Party, 2-4-1 Wednesdays and the Kampala Cocktail Week finale.

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