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Bobi Wine & Museveni clash over corruption

Bobi Wine & Museveni
Bobi Wine & Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has launched what he called a new Anti-corruption Unit under the Office of the President which will receive and act on complaints relating to corruption.

President Yoweri Museveni
President Yoweri Museveni

The new Unit will be headed by his former aide, Lt Col Edith Nakalema.

But reacting to the new fight on corruption, opposition politician and musician Bobi Wine dismissed it as a mere joke.

“What a joke! After 32 years of empty promises, he is promising yet again! How can we depend on the man who created the mess to clean it up?” Bobi Wine questioned.

At the time of his comments, Uganda’s Foreign Minister is wanted in the US for allegedly receiving a bribe.

In fact, former Hong Kong Home Affairs minister Patrick Ho Chi-ping was last week convicted for offering a $500,000 bribe to Museveni and $500,000 to Kutesa.

Speaking about the bribes, Museveni said that the money was meant for charity and he was to follow up to see whether it reached its intended recipients.

“How can a man, who was only last week linked to receiving a bribe of $500,000 in a United States federal court say anything about fighting corruption? What can a man who has established, nurtured and supported political and economic corruption talk about combating corruption? A man who bribes MPs to pass decadent laws? A man who only two weeks ago admitted while in Kenya, that he bribes Ugandans, so as not to lose votes? A man who treats our nation’s treasury as if it’s his own purse? A man who treats Uganda’s natural resources as his own?” Bobi Wine charged through a post on social media.

“How can a man who has created and presided over one of the worst corrupt systems talk about fighting corruption? How can a man, who goes around bribing citizens with sacks of public funds purport to fight corruption?

“It is because of that corrupt system that hospitals have no drugs. That schools are rotting. That the levels of unemployment are sickening. That we have no public transport. That our infrastructural projects are inflated, costing many more times than they do in other countries, and yet we end up with shoddy works. That our nation suffers and bleeds.
If corruption in Uganda is a baby, President Museveni is its midwife. If it is a football game, he is a striker. If it is a song, he is the producer. If it is a building, he is the chief architect. And yes, if it is a plant, he is that fertile soil that has enabled it grow, blossom and flourish! He has appointed, reappointed, and elevated the corrupt and most compromised people in public office, and protected them.

“President, you have no moral authority to say anything about fighting corruption. You are not just part of the problem- you are the biggest stumbling block in any effort to rid this country of corruption, patronage and abuse of public funds.”

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