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Air Tanzania to buy 5 more planes

Air Tanzania
Air Tanzania

Tanzania’s president, Dr John Magufuli has pledged to further enhance the country’s aviation industry by purchasing five more aircraft and create a favourable environment for an increase in the number of tourists to five million.

“We plan to buy five new aircrafts – two intercontinental planes, two for regional routes and a cargo plane to boost business related to horticulture products, frozen meat, fish fillet, sea food and other perishables,” Magufuli said.

He added that the government will also strengthen the National Institute of Transport (NIT) to enable it produce aviation experts in different transport cadres.

“These measures will not only stimulate economic activities but also make Tanzania a regional transport hub,” he said.

It should remembered that it was Magufuli who revived Air Tanzania (Air Tanzania Company Limited/ATCL) when he came to power in 2015.

In his five years’ administration, Magufuli’s government purchased eight planes – two Boeing 787-8 Dream liners, two Airbus A-220-300 and 4 Bombardiers. He purchased a total of 11 planes altogether though three are yet to be delivered.

The purchase of the aircrafts in the next five years will boost ATCL operations since it will have a total of 16 aircraft, thus conquering domestic, regional and international markets.

On tourism, President Magufuli said that the government plans to increase the number of tourists to five million in the next five years and boost revenue from the sector from $2.9billion to $6billion.

To realize the plan, Magufuli said government will widen tourism attractions by promoting conference, hunting and beach tourism and also build infrastructure that will enable tourism vessels to market the country’s tourist’s sites.

According to the 2018 International Visitors Exit Survey Report” , the number of tourists in Tanzania increased to 1.5 million in 2018, generating $2.4bn in 2018 from $2.3bn earned in 2017.

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